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Feds and province sign MOU on oceans and coasts

Spring 2011 consultation on NS Coastal Strategy

The link for both is www.gov.ns.ca/coast


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Nova Scotia... our relationship with the coast defines us. We are tied to the coast in everything we do. It is our most important and possibly most endangered resource. What are we doing to protect it?

We all pay the price for bad development; and we all benefit when we do thing right. The Coastal Coalition of Nova Scotia believes a Coastal Act will help us make the best choices when locating new coastal industries.

A Coastal Act would define coastal principles on which we all agree.

A Coastal Act would clearly define who is responsible.

A Coastal Act would enable effective coastal management.

Who will benefit? We all will.

For more information, download the brochure [pdf, 589 KB].


The Coastal Coalition fo Nova Scotia (CCNS) is composed of a group of individual organizations, each with its own mission, sharing common concern for the future of Nova Scotia's coastal lands. For more information on becoming a member, click here.

Mission: The Coastal Coalition is dedicated to the preservation, restoration and sustainable use of the physical, biological and cultural heritage of Nova Scotia's coastal ecosystems. For more information on the history of CCNS, click here.


1) Promote the development of ecosystem based integrated coastal zone planning and management

2) Monitor the activities of government departments, the private sector, organizations and individuals, that may have an impact (positive or negative) on coastal ecosystems

3) Challenge activities that may threaten sensitive natural areas, coastal wildlife and plant habitat, breeding grounds, or significant cultural artifacts

4) Seek commitment from governing bodies to follow a transparent process in decision making, including ease of access to information and full public consultation

5) Protect traditional non-destructive public rights to access and coastal use

6) Distribute information, position papers, and educational materials developed by members or by the coalition itself

7) Support other individuals and groups that engage in activities that reinforce our mission.

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Photo: “Martinique Beach” by Megan Lewis